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Welcome to International Trainers Council


International Trainers Certification Council (ITCC) is the leading authority in the area of Human Capital Management and Optimization.

The council provides certified training and professional accreditations to:

  1. Corporate Trainers
  2. Professional Coaches
  3. Motivational Speaking
  4. Educators and Mentors
  5. Counselors & Therapists
  6. Facilitators
  7. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  8. Business and Performance Consultants
  9. Self-Published Authors
  10. Incubators & Accelerators
  11. Seminar Leaders
  12. Process & Quality Management Experts

Vision of the Council

To nurture world-class human capital experts who are committed to serving individuals and businesses in achieving optimal performance.

Mission of the Council:

International Trainers Certification Council (ITCC) provides training certifications and accreditations to aspiring and existing human capital experts.

Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing is an ever evolving process. The council brings the best minds together to develop its modules. The knowledge is then disseminated through our certified team of expert trainers and coaches.

  1. Learning & Development
  2. Knowledge Creation
  3. Building profitable business systems for our members
  4. Providing world-class Human Resource Experts to the world




ITCC is committed to its vision of producing quality experts in the field of Human Resources Management.





As a certified member of the ITCC, I promise to:


COMMIT myself to the highest levels of integrity and professional conduct.

PARTICIPATE in the training programs organized by the Council

LEARN from the modules and fellow members of the council

CREATE new concepts and knowledge in the field of Learning & Development

QUALITY management and upgrading of training modules

SHARE the knowledge with the entire community

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